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PEX-AL-PEX Aluminum Composite Pipe Production Line

Introduction of PEX-AL-PEX Aluminum Composite Pipe Production Line:

This line adopts ultrasonic lapping welding or argon butt welding technology and high precision aluminum tube forming system. It can guarantee the welding reliable and welding seam smooth.

The high efficiency single screw extruder and optimized multi-layer co-extrusion coating die ensure the bonding of plastic and aluminum tube reliable.
Equipped automatic double station winder, easy to operate and save times.

The complete line is controlled by computer control system, ensure high production speed, reliable aluminum tube welding, running stable, easy to operate. This production line can produce PPR aluminum composite pipe, PE aluminum composite pipe, PERT aluminum composite pipe and PEX aluminum composite pipe.

Main technical parameters::

Welding ProcessMax Output(m/min)INSTALLED POWER(KVA)
ET-AP-4014-40ultrasonic Welding10180

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