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China's large diameter plastic pipe industry prospects

        Freedonia Group, said the United States, plastic is expected in the growing China market, large-diameter pipes play an important role. 
  The company, based in Cleveland, Ohio, research company expects the Chinese material of all types of large diameter pipe demand will grow at a rate of 9% per year, by 2012 demand will reach 87.7 million meters, valued at 87.8 billion Yuan.
  Between now and 2012, large diameter plastic pipe sales expected to grow 11% per year growth rate of growth than any other material faster. Concrete 2012 will remain the most commonly used materials. 
        Freedonia Group expects, sewers, drains, water pipes and gas transportation and other applications on the large-diameter pipe demand growth will be faster than the industry average. The group's forecast said: residential construction in full swing by improving rural living conditions and active in promoting such developments in the sewer pipe will be the fastest. Drain will remain in this market accounted for the largest share by 2012 will account for the total demand for large diameter pipe nearly 1 / 3.
Qingdao Hanhai